What Is Genshin Impact?

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What Is Genshin Impact
What Is Genshin Impact

Twitter has been blowing up about a video game called Genshin Impact. There’s a lot of Genshin Impact on the internet right now, from screenshots to memes and artwork, but what is it?

What Is Genshin Impact?

  1. An open-world roleplaying game
  2. A gacha game
  3. 24 playable characters

Genshin Impact is an open-world roleplaying game. Our first impression of Genshin Impact was that it was a gacha Breath of The Wild clone. However, this roleplaying action game allows players to control up to four different characters at any time.

Genshin Impact First Impressions: The First 30 Minutes

There are 24 total playable characters to unlock in Genshin Impact. Each character a player unlocks has two different skills. One skill, known as a “normal skill,” has a standard cooldown period many roleplaying gamers will recognize. The other is a “special skill” that costs a bit of energy to use.

What Is The “Gacha” In Genshin Impact?

If you see a game with cute anime girls, then assume you can earn them through the power of money. Genshin Impact has a “gacha” system, which means everything from characters to weapons. Of course, as with any gacha system, you cannot purchase the character or weapon you want directly. Where is the fun in that? The loot boxes in Genshin Impact are known as “Wishes,” and (again, as with any gacha game), higher-tier rewards have a lower percentage chance to obtain.

Fortunately, those who don’t have the disposable income to blow on gacha games can still play Genshin Impact absolutely free. Loot boxes and the currency needed for loot boxes can be earned just by playing the game.

While Genshin Impact has players exploring its massive Breath of the Wild-inspired open-world, don’t forget to sit back and enjoy the game’s interesting storyline.

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