What Is Among Us About

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What Is Among Us About
What Is Among Us About

No matter where you look on the internet, you’ve probably seen screenshots of colorful spacemen killing each other. These are from a weirdly resurgent video game free for mobile and the price of a sandwich on Steam: Among Us.

What Is Among Us?

Among Us is an indie online multiplayer game released in 2018 by developer and publisher InnerSloth. When the game came out in 2018, nobody knew the game would reach the peak it did in 2020.

How Did Among Us Become So Popular?

Maybe it was because of Twitch, or maybe it was because everyone was stuck inside due to quarantine, but the popularity soared so much in 2020 it crashed the servers and made the developers consider a sequel to Among Us. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), Among Us 2 was scrapped so the developers could focus on enhancing the original game.

What Is Among Us About?

Among Us has absolutely no story. The crewmates don’t have names, so you can’t get attached to them when you see their dead bodies lying around. All you do in Among Us is complete tasks if you are playing as a crewmate or murder the crewmates without getting noticed if you’re the imposter.

That’s it. It’s a murder mystery game set in space with cute spacemen. Hopefully, the game doesn’t run out of steam anytime soon. Maybe that’s why InnerSloth is working so quickly to enhance the original game.

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