What Is A Yurei In Phasmophobia?

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What Is A Yurei In Phasmophobia
What Is A Yurei In Phasmophobia

Much like an oni, a yurei comes from Japanese folklore. The yurei comes back to the physical world if they’re killed, either by themselves or someone else. Once a yurei forms in the real world, they cannot be laid to rest until they finish what they started.

What Is A Yurei In Phasmophobia?

A yurei’s hatred is as potent in Phasmophobia:

  • Yureis affect sanity more than other ghosts.
  • Yureis are weaker to smudge sticks.
  • Yureis are known to wander around more than other ghosts.

How Do You Find A Yurei In Phasmophobia?

Yureis are found with:

Yureis are as scary in Phasmophobia as you would expect them to be in the real world. They’re almost scary enough to warrant being the volunteer to stay in the truck and keep track of things.

Are There Any Tips For Handling A Yurei In Phasmophobia?

Yureis might confuse the players as the person who killed them and left them where they are. They are out for vengeance and will act as such. Yureis tend to wander a bit, so putting up sensors early will help players detect a yurei’s movement.

If the truck person notices a player’s sanity dropping more than normal, they should assume they’re dealing with a yurei. Sanity will drop, even more, knowing players need to keep the light off in order to see the ghost orbs, one of the pieces of evidence that points at a possible yurei.

One of the best defenses against a yurei is a smudge stick. Lighting a smudge stick prematurely will allow players to freely move around the room without fear of being attacked.

However, don’t use all the smudge sticks up early because a yurei will attack more often and will be more active if players don’t keep an eye on their sanity levels.

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