What Is A Shade In Phasmophobia?

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What Is A Shade In Phasmophobia
What Is A Shade In Phasmophobia

Much like the other types of ghosts in Phasmophobia, a shade comes straight out of literature. Shades are considered gentle in some literature, and they’re just as passive in Phasmophobia. Some even wonder if a shade can even kill them in Phasmophobia. 

What Is A Shade In Phasmophobia?

Shades are difficult to find in Phasmophobia.

  • Shades are considered “shy ghosts” and won’t be active if there are multiple players around.
  • Rarely will a shade hunt at all if players are together.
  • Shades will increase their chance of attacking if a player’s sanity is low.

How Do You Find A Shade In Phasmophobia?

Shades are found with:

Shades are difficult to find, and they can draw out the round in Phasmophobia if players aren’t prepared.

Are There Any Tips For Handling A Shade In Phasmophobia?

Unfortunately, unlike a demon that attacks for no reason at all, the shade’s biggest tell is that it’s not attacking at all if players are grouped together. If a round is going on for what seems like forever with no evidence, then it might be time to leave the player with the lowest sanity alone to drum up activity.

Players should move as a group in the beginning phases of the hunt until the room is discovered. If players are split up on larger maps, it’s important to bring a smudge stick or crucifix to stop attacks if each player is alone. Shades won’t attack as often, if at all, on smaller maps since players will be together most of the time. They will be more active on larger maps.

Shades are shy, and players rarely are killed by a shade in Phasmophobia, but that’s because players normally stay together. Just cross your fingers you’re not the one the team decides to leave in a spot alone.

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