What Is A Ruined Nether Portal In Minecraft

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What Is A Ruined Nether Portal In Minecraft
What Is A Ruined Nether Portal In Minecraft

I miss the days of diving deep into a cave system, risking life and limb, and barely coming out with a couple of diamonds. The first thing many of us do with those diamonds is to make a pickaxe. I myself was always a big fan of the nether, so as soon as I made a diamond pickaxe, I was already searching for obsidian. After picking away at obsidian (which feels like forever, even with a diamond pickaxe), I would bring everything up to a spot I wanted the nether portal at, construct it, then light it up to enter.

Now, it’s just… there.

What Are Ruined Portals In Minecraft?

When I say they’re just, there, I mean I spawned into a map a couple of minutes ago and, boom, a nether portal at spawn almost 75% complete. Not only that, but there was a chest at the ruined portal that had almost everything I needed to activate it once I finished building it. Yes, there was even a flint and steel ready to go.

Where Do Ruined Portals Spawn?

Ruined nether portals in Minecraft can spawn anywhere. The one I found was in shallow water, while others can expect to find them underground, in a desert, or even underwater. However, if you do find one in the desert without a chest nearby, you might have to excavate the ruined portal itself, as it might be buried under the sand.

What Else Can You Find At A Ruined Portal

You will find the partially deconstructed nether portal with a chest that contains items to fix the portal back up, some tools, weapons, or even armor. Some report the possibility of finding crying obsidian in the vicinity of a ruined portal. These are used to create respawn anchors to use in the nether itself (don’t try to activate it outside of the nether, trust us). Players can also find them in the nether itself.

When Were Ruined Portals Introduced To Minecraft?

Ruined portals were introduced during the Nether Update to Minecraft with patch 1.16.

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