What Is A Jinn In Phasmophobia?

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What Is A Jinn In Phasmophobia
What Is A Jinn In Phasmophobia

A jinn is a supernatural creature meant to be the Middle Eastern version of a demon. These benevolent spirits are just as threatening and mischievous in Phasmophobia. However, a Jinn is easy to spot because of its behavior.

What Is A Jinn In Phasmophobia?

Jinns aren’t as dangerous as other ghost types, but it does have some obvious tells:

  • Jinns are territorial and will rarely wander from the room.
  • Jinns are fast-moving and will catch a player quickly.
  • Jinns like to turn off lights, so turning off the breaker early will keep the Jinn from turning the lights back on where it can move faster.

How Do You Find A Jinn In Phasmophobia?

Jinn are found with:

A jinn is not afraid to let you know they are around, so there are some ways to find out if the ghost you’re encountering is a Jinn.

Are There Any Tips For Handling A Jinn In Phasmophobia?

Jinns are similar to a poltergeist in that they will interact with objects. However, instead of throwing plates around, a jinn will:

  • Ring phones
  • Turn on the radio
  • Turn on the television
  • Activate a car’s alarm

However, these are still calls of a mare or poltergeist, but instead of turning lights off, a Jinn will turn the lights back on. Poltergeists also interact with other objects, such as plates. If players suspect the ghost is a jinn, they should move to turn off the breaker. This will slow down a jinn and weaken it considerably. It’s also easier for players to locate orbs in the jinn’s location.

Jinns in Phasmophobia mainly stay in one room or area and won’t deviate from their location, but since they’re territorial, they will become more active than other ghosts when their area is disturbed. While Jinns are easy to figure out, they’re the most dangerous when they have intruders, so be prepared with smudge sticks and properly placed crucifixes.

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