What Is A Banshee In Phasmophobia?

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What Is A Banshee In Phasmophobia
What Is A Banshee In Phasmophobia

A banshee is straight out of folklore and is as scary in Phasmophobia as one would expect a banshee to be in real life. Banshees are known for wailing and predicting death, and they know exactly who they want to kill the moment the player enters the door.

What Is A Banshee In Phasmophobia?

A banshee in Phasmophobia is as anxiety-inducing as a demon, but with some notable exceptions:

  • Banshees will only hunt one player until they kill them.
  • Banshees are weaker against a crucifix compared to other ghosts.
  • Banshees are easy to find, which makes clearing objectives trivial.

How Do You Find A Banshee In Phasmophobia?

Banshees are found with:

While banshees sound terrifying, they’re only really terrifying to one selected player. If you figure out you’re dealing with a banshee, then there are some tips for maximizing your potential payout at the end of the round.

How To Find The Ghost Room In Phasmophobia

Are There Any Tips For Handling A Banshee In Phasmophobia?

Since banshees only latch on to one player, the other players will be safe to roam around and finish any objectives, even during a hunt. Having the targeted player run and hide from a banshee allows the other players to take a picture of dirty water, try to capture the ghost on camera, or finish any of the optional objectives.

However, if the player somehow gets killed by a banshee, the other players will need to quickly find out who the new target is.

The banshee is the ghost type in Phasmophobia weakest to a crucifix. A crucifix will stop a banshee from hunting up to 5 meters compared to the 3 meters for other ghosts.

Banshees may be scary in Phasmophobia, but the right preparation can make for an easy round.

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