What Happens If You Don’t Let Mari In The House In Omori?

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What Happens If You Don’t Let Mari In The House In Omori

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Omori Game Wiki Basil Mari

You’re in the real world for the first time after waking up hungry in the middle of the night after Basil discovered a horrifying photo in his photo album in the dream world.

Omori Game Wiki Omori Stab Who

After you get a little scare, you’re sent back to White Space, where Omori is forced to stab himself in order to wake up.

Omori Game Wiki Omori You Are Hungry

All signs point towards Sunny, heading to the kitchen when he wakes up.

Omori Game Wiki Omori The Hand
Omori Game Wiki What Will Jason Do

However, he must overcome his anxiety just to get down the stairs.

Omori Game Wiki You Got Microwaved Steak
Omori Game Wiki Your Stomach Did Not Agree With That
Omori Game Wiki You Thew Up

After microwaving a steak, Sunny doesn’t feel great and heads to the upstairs bathroom to throw up. However, after leaving the bathroom, there’s an imposing knock at the door.

Omori Game Wiki Hey Jason It Is Mari

On the other side of the door is Mari, or someone (or something) claiming to be Mari. You don’t have to open the door, but if you do, you’ll get a glimpse of something disturbing.

Omori Game Wiki Glimpse Who Is Standing At Basil House Door

But what happens if you don’t answer the door?

You won’t get spooked.

Omori Game Wiki Mari

If you want to get spooked by a ghost girl in the mirror if you check the bathroom, and your Mom’s room when you go to save, then let Mari in.

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