What Happened To Twitch Prime?

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Prime Gaming
Prime Gaming

For a while, it seemed like every time we logged into Twitch, they were pushing Twitch Prime onto us. Whether it was ads, email reminders, or pop-ups, Amazon really wanted us to know they had something to do with Twitch. Many of us brushed off Twitch prime, not ever knowing what it was. However, suddenly, it all disappeared before reappearing a couple of weeks ago as Prime Gaming, but what is it?

What Is Prime Gaming?

Prime Gaming is just a rebranded Twitch Prime. However, nothing has changed with the service. Amazon made this decision to shed Twitch from the name because they were having issues bringing awareness for the service outside of Twitch. While there were no changes to the service, gamers no longer need to have a Twitch account to take advantage of the Prime Gaming service.

With the rebranding, Prime Gaming makes more sense alongside Amazon’s other subscription services, such as Prime Video or Prime Reading. It’s main service, Amazon Prime, offers free shipping and other benefits for just $12.99 a month. Amazon is hoping to save its nosedive after the failure of Amazon Games’ first title, “Crucible.”

Crucible ended up getting pulled by Amazon after it was never as successful as they believed it would be. The game isn’t gone entirely as it’s being moved into a closed beta instead of Amazon admitting the game was a staggering failure. Amazon tried to compete against other free-to-play games on the market like League of Legends or Valorant. Crucible’s problem was that it tried too hard to emulate the other successful games on the market while having no identity of its own. It decided to take everything from hero-based shooters to battle royales. Fortunately, the game isn’t ending entirely for those who actually enjoyed the game. Amazon Games will continue working with fans on improving it during closed beta.

Amazon is looking to get into cloud gaming alongside Google Stadia and Microsoft’s Project xCloud. Either Amazon Games or Prime Gaming might take up Amazon’s cloud gaming service. Those who take advantage of Prime Gaming’s services will get free loot and a selection of free indie games available on the PC. There is also free loot on various games such as Grand Theft Auto Online and League of Legends.

Twitch Prime might be gone, but the company behind the service is still there and offering the same perks, for now. It’s a service worth looking into for the free benefits.

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  1. Never heard of that game Crucible but honestly LoL or Valorant are not easy competition, same as Dota or CS:GO but I think they do have the resources to find all the right people to do it, looking to all the success that Valorant or even Fall guys had in such a short time, I think is the right time to release a game knowing that a lot of people are most time at home.

  2. Twitch has made such an improvement lately and wasn’t even due to the competitions, so I think it’s great. For me the best streaming platform and the prime has a lot of benefits not only with Amazon but also inside twitch, supporting streamers, getting game benefits, etc. A Different name doesn’t change anything and for me is still a good service to acquire and would totally recommend getting this now called prime gaming!

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