What Games to Play If You Like Among Us

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What Games to Play If You Like Among Us
What Games to Play If You Like Among Us

Among Us is a social game of deceit and survival. What makes it such an engaging experience is how many of our innate skills it challenges in a single session. In order to be a strong player, you have to carefully observe everything going on around you while also paying attention to what each person is saying during discussions. All of this while also trying your hardest not to look sus in the eyes of others.

Among Us manages to take the whole concept to a whole other level by giving both Crewmates and Impostors more than one win condition. This is what makes it particularly unique. If, like us, you’ve been enthralled by social gaming and want to see what other spins exist on the genre, we’ve compiled a list of games for you to check out.


While not necessarily an online game, Werewolf is one of the most popular social deceit games that Among Us riffs on. The game is primarily played with a set of cards to distributed the roles and an admin to manage the game in day and night phases. Outside of the base game, there are a lot of variations that can be played with different roles that impact the flow of the game. There’s even a variation called One Night Werewolf that requires only a phone app to act as the game’s admin.

If you’re socially distancing, however, there are some options for getting your Werewolf on over Discord or Zoom. Tech blogger Anjuan Simmons has a detailed guide[1]  on how you can be devious with your buddies. Another option is to use a phone app called Werewolf Online, available for both Android and iOS.

Town of Salem

The above options for playing Werewolf online aren’t cutting it for you? Then here’s a better option. Town of Salem is Werewolf on steroids. While not as popular on Twitch as Among Us, it commands a respectable playerbase across the platforms its available on, Steam, browser and mobile. You can either play with your friends or in public lobbies in a variety of modes. Classic mode allows you to play with a limited set of roles which is great for beginners while more chaotic modes like All Any really dial up the crazy. If you’re up for testing your mettle, you can play in Ranked mode as well and prove to the world you’re the biggest deceiver.


This one is quite different from Among Us and the other games on this list as it’s labelled as a first-person shooter. The guiding principles of using deception and surviving by any means are still present, though. You and 5 others awaken to the sound of a Game Master telling you what’s going on. A third of your group are infected with a deadly virus and have only one mission: to kill the rest of the group. The uninfected, known as Innocents, must travel through the three zones and escape through a hatch before they’re all killed by those carrying the virus. A big part of what separates this title from games like Among Us is the ability to share resources and having to take on certain map objectives that help ensure survival.

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