What Does The Sims Community Think Of Lifestyles and Sentiments Added In The Sims 4: Snowy Escape?

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If the Sims’ community is known for anything, it’s their opinions. This is not necessarily a bad thing. We don’t want to hate on a product blindly, and we don’t want to blindly accept anything a product throws our way without acknowledging its flaws. If you think the Xbox and PlayStation fans were divisive, then you clearly haven’t been in the comment section of Sims’ YouTube videos or Sims’ Twitter. Let’s take a quick look into the lifestyle and sentiments feature from the Sims 4: Snowy Escape, and what the Sims Community thinks of these features.

How Does The Sentiments Feature Works In The Sims 4?

Sentiments came as a free feature to the base game when Snowy Escape was released. Like normal human emotions, sentiments are either positive or negative towards a specific Sim. Imagine your first impression of someone. How will this affect how you approach them the next time you see them? Here are some examples to help you understand sentiments.

“Betrayed by Cheating”

Cheating soured this Sim’s feelings about another, and being around them may bring back bad memories.

“Dejected About Rejection”

This Sim doesn’t necessarily blame the other for turning them down, but it’s still going to feel bad to be around them.

“Grudging After a Fight”

This Sim has unfinished business with another Sim. The conflict’s unresolved, and tensions are high, at least from this Sim’s perspective!

How Does The Lifestyles Feature Works In The Sims 4?

Don’t get a Sim’s lifestyle and their traits confused. Think of a Sims’ trait as the type of person they are, and the lifestyle as the type of life they’re living. A Sim is considered to have a lifestyle when they follow the lifestyle daily. However, the lifestyle trait can decay if the Sim doesn’t keep up with it, just like how it works in real life. Here are some examples of lifestyles:

“Close-Knit Lifestyle”

Sims living a Close-Knit Lifestyle prefer to form deep connections with a small circle of friends. To acquire or maintain this Lifestyle, a Sim should keep their friend count between one and three Sims while seeking to deepen the relationships they do have.

“Frequent Traveler Lifestyle”

Frequent Travelers make a habit of visiting new and exciting places and want to experience everything these locales have to offer! To acquire or maintain this Lifestyle, travel for vacations, visit exotic hidden destinations, and seek out new experiences while traveling.

“Health Food Nut Lifestyle”

Sims who live a Health Food Nut Lifestyle are devoted to eating nutrient-filled foods! To acquire or maintain this Lifestyle, eat healthy foods, and harvestables while avoiding Quick Meals, desserts, or anything that may seem unhealthy!

What Does The Sims Community Think Of Lifestyles And Sentiments?

Other than generally disliking “Journey To Batuu,” the Sims Community has split down the middle on their opinions about the Sims. Let’s take a look at what some people in the Sims Community thinks of Lifestyles and Sentiments.

Some don’t really see the difference:

Some are confused by it:

Some believe it brought life to the game:

Some are a bit disappointed:

What are your thoughts on Sentiments and Lifestyles from The Sims 4: Snowy Escape?

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