What Does Omori Mean?

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What Does Omori Mean
What Does Omori Mean

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So you’ve been playing through Omori for some time now and are just wondering what the name “Omori” even means?

Omori Is Short For Another Word

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Omori is an unusual name, but so far, the character has been a relatively unusual one. In (what seems to be) his dream world, Omori is emotionless, despite any emotion shown from his friends. The only time you ever see any kind of emotion from Omori is when you make him angry or happy during battle, but what is Omori short for?

Omori Is Short For Hikikomori

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Without spoiling much from the game, a hikikomori is the Japanese concept of a specific social anxiety disorder. It’s basically someone who completely avoids any type of social situation or social contact with others. They end up becoming recluse people who never go to work or school and live with their parents. If you finish the story in Omori, this might make a little sense as to why Omori was named this way.

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