What Do You Do With The Joke Board In The Junkyard?

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What Do You Do With The Joke Board In The Junkyard
What Do You Do With The Joke Board In The Junkyard

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Omori Game Wiki There Is A Weak Point On Its Head

You’ve made your way through most of the junkyard already and are approaching the area where it’s basically a city of containers. Use Kel to take out the obstacle standing in your way and proceed to the next area.

Omori Game Wiki You Got Binoculars

Omori Game Wiki Containers And Cars

You’ll come across a mountain of containers; after navigating your way through the inside (make sure you’re clicking on everything, so you don’t miss out on any possibly helpful items), you’’ come out on the roof of the container mountain. You’ll notice there’s an obstacle you can clear to get the D key, a couch, and a board.

Omori Game Wiki Aubrey But There Is So Much Litter Aound

The couch is simply a little scene with Omori’s friends. However, if you go to the right, you’ll see a joke board. Click on the joke board.

Omori Game Wiki Did You Hear About The Restaurant On The Moon

Omori Game Wiki Great Food But No Atmosphere

It will tell you a horribly generic joke.

Omori Wiki Good To Have Some Jokes On Hand

However, it implies the existence of a joke book where you can write down jokes. We’re sure it will come in handy in the future for a Steam achievement or an extra scene in the game.

However, you’re not going to come across the joke book until you enter the Pyrefly Forest later in the game, so don’t worry about scavenging the junkyard for the joke book.

For now, stuff the memory of the joke board in your head until you can pick up the joke book, as there’s bound to be more.

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