What Do You Do With The Gold Watch In Omori?

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What Do You Do With The Gold Watch In Omori

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So you’ve finally entered the Otherworld, met with the pirate underlings of Space Boyfriend, and are now exploring the Junkyard? Well, you’ll find an interesting item as soon as you enter.

Omori Video Game JunkYard

The Junkyard is the location in Omori where you’re sent to find the special mixtape containing the only known cure to Space Boyfriend’s lovesickness.

Omori Video Game Blue Watermelon

As soon as you enter, you’ll notice a green and a blue watermelon in a car lot blocked by cones. Don’t worry; there’s no special way about getting through these cones. Simply walk up with Omori as the party leader and slash away at your knife.

Omori Video Game Got Gold Watch

After smashing the blue pumpkin, you’ll pick up a purple item called a “gold” watch. While you are able to equip it, it gives no stats. However, the first thing that should pop into the average RPG player’s head is: sell it.

Omori Video Game Sell Gold Watch

We ran back to the mailbox store to find the gold watch does indeed sell for a whopping 500 clams. This should get you through the Junkyard area to the first save point. There are a couple of vending machines along the way in the junkyard you can purchase with the clams you received from the sale of this “gold” watch.

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