What Do You Do With Mr. Scarethrow In Omori?

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What Do You Do With Mr. Scarethrow In Omori
What Do You Do With Mr. Scarethrow In Omori

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As you’re making your way through the Junkyard, you’ll come across Mari to save about halfway through. After Mari, you’ll come across a pair of gators blocking the entrance to an open container.

Omori Video Game Gator Guy

You’re not able to get through these gators until Kel teaches you his ability to throw things.

Omori Video Game Throwing Things From

Afterward, make your way through where the robot exploded, and up to the top of the containers.

Omori Video Game Gator Guys

Once you’re up on the containers, you’ll notice the gators have moved to the side. Any curious person would backtrack a bit to see what they were blocking.

Omori Video Game Mr Scarethrow

Inside is a scarecrow named Mr. Scarethrow. The platform inside is similar to the one Kel used to clear the robot blocking the path. If you put two-and-two together, it’s obvious the thing to do is throw items at Mr. Scarethrow.

Omori Video Game Mr Scarethrow Fun

However, just because he says to come back doesn’t mean you can stop throwing.

Omori Video Game Mr Scarethrow Again

If you continue throwing items at Mr. Scarethrow, he’ll start getting angry. He’s not a boss, so you won’t need to worry about fighting.

Omori Video Game Mr Scarethrow No Legs

Omori Video Game Gator Guy Repeat

However, with every throw, he will go on about his traumatic past of abuse in school.

Omori Video Game call me mr scarethrow

Eventually, he’ll succumb to an existential crisis and reset himself.

Call me Mr Scarethrow Omori

That’s when you earn a Steam achievement in Omori called “They call me SCARETHROW.”

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