What Do You Do In Basil’s House?

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What Do You Do In Basil’s House
What Do You Do In Basil’s House

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Omori Wiki It Is Basil Photo Albu

So you’ve finished defeating the evil children of Faraway Town and retrieved Basil’s photo album from Aubrey’s trash.

Omori Wiki You Gave Basil Back His Photo Album

The first thing you want to do (obviously) is to make your way to Basil’s house. You’ll have a short scene with the nurse taking care of Basil and his grandmother before entering Basil’s house.

Omori Wiki Here Is Basil Photo Album

Omori Wiki Inside Basil Photo Album

Take a look through Basil’s photo album. Keep in mind; you can read the captions for each photo (especially if you care about the story and are already connected with the characters).

Omori Wiki Why Are You Staring At Me Like That

After you’re done looking through the photo album, you’re free to roam the house while Kel helps the nurse cook. You can awkwardly stare at Basil, but it doesn’t do anything but make him nervous.

Omori Wiki Basils Grandma Is Breathing Steadily

Go into the hallway at the top of the room. When you’re in the hallway, go to the door on the left. This is Basil’s grandmother’s room.

Omori Wiki Basils White Egret Orchid

You’ll see an orchid, similar to the one next to Mari’s grave behind the church.

Omori Wiki Basil Gave You This Photo Album

After you’re done examining the orchid, you’ll be approached by Basil, who leaves you with his photo album.

Omori Wiki Kel Everything Tastes So Good

Omori Wiki Basil House Eating

Here’s where things start to get disturbing. After Basil hands you his photo album, Kel will call you for dinner. During the dinner cutscene, Kel let’s slip that Sunny is moving away. This upsets Basil to the point where he needs to excuse himself to the bathroom.

Omori Wiki Basil Everything Is Going To Be Okay

Follow Basil to the bathroom; it’s the second door on the right in the hallway. After that, you’ll get a disturbing scene involving Basil.

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