What Do You Do After The Graveyard In Labyrinthine?

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What Do You Do After The Graveyard In Labyrinthine
What Do You Do After The Graveyard In Labyrinthine

So you’ve reached the graveyard and house in Labyrinthine, clicked around in the house, found the secret door, and got the key to open the mausoleum, but what now? There’s nothing in it.

Labyrinthine Is Still In Its Early Access

Think of Labyrinthine’s early access as a longer, playable, demo. It’s not like Phasmophobia, where the replay value is endless in its early access state. Once you get to a certain point in Labyrinthine, the game ends and sends you back to the main menu.

Can You Keep Playing The Game?

There’s nothing stopping you from starting a new game in Labyrinthine, but it’s going to be the same puzzles. The fun is bringing new friends through the game and seeing if they can figure out the puzzles without your guidance.

Is There Anything To Do After The Cemetery Puzzle In Labyrinthine?

Labyrinthine Mausoleum
Labyrinthine Mausoleum

Once you’ve reached the ominous mausoleum in Labyrinthine, you’re tasked to find something to fit into the hole. The foreboding red door is a sign to stay away, but the last puzzle requires you to run through the nearby house and find keys to find the item to open the mausoleum door.

Once the door is opened, you expect to find whatever is causing the door’s red glow. Instead, you open it to nothing. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go inside. Once you go inside, you fall through the floor, and the game ends. You get a message that you’ve finished the early access content.

Unfortunately, if you’re not playing with friends to introduce them to the game, there’s no real replayability for Labyrinthine’s early access.

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