What Comes With The Resident Evil Village Pre-Purchase Bundle On Steam?

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What Comes With The Resident Evil Village Pre-Purchase Bundle On Steam
What Comes With The Resident Evil Village Pre-Purchase Bundle On Steam

If you try searching Resident Evil Village on Steam, your heart might stop a bit as the price listed on the search is $79.99. This might cause some players to close Steam, uninstall it, and wonder where they’ll get that kind of money in today’s economy. Unfortunately, not all of us hopped on the $GME train and are rolling in month’s worth of video game money trying to stick it to the man.

There Are More Bundles On Steam

Pre-Purchase Resident Evil Village and Resident Evil 7 Complete Bundle Steam Announcement

Fortunately, if you make it past the search price, you’ll see a cheaper bundle. The Resident Evil Village bundle is $59.99, with a whopping saving of 0%! You don’t have to settle for the complete bundle that has a bunch of cool stuff. If you just want to play the game at the absolutely lowest price, you can pre-purchase the Resident Evil Village bundle within Steam.

What Is In The Resident Evil Village Bundle?

Resident Evil Village - Alcina Dimitrscu

If you don’t need the extra stuff and simply want to play the game, then the Resident Evil Village bundle is for you. When you’re ready to follow the story of Ethan Winters and his incredibly tragic life, but don’t want to pay more for extra stuff, grab the Resident Evil bundle; it includes:

  • The Resident Evil Village game
  • Resident Evil Re:Verse
  • Resident Evil Village – Mr. Raccoon Weapon Charm
  • Resident Evil Village – Survival Resources Pack

The Mr. Racoon Weapon Charm is simply an aesthetic attachment for your shotgun, while the Survival Resources Pack comes with a stock of shotgun and handgun ammo, a first aid med pack, and a lockpick.

It doesn’t look like we can avoid owning Resident Evil Re:Verse no matter how poorly-received it was during the recent Resident Evil showcase. Most of the Resident Evil community has a very “ no one asked for this” attitude with the free multiplayer companion game, but maybe we’ll end up enjoying it. Which bundle do you plan on getting?

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Sea Of Trees Trailer.

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