What Comes Next After Watch Dogs Legion?

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What Comes Next After Watch Dogs Legion
What Comes Next After Watch Dogs Legion

Watch Dogs Legion will release for the current-generation consoles on October 29th, the Xbox Series X (and S) on November 10th, 2020, and the PlayStation 5 on November 12th, 2020. While we’re closing in on the first round of releases for Watch Dogs: Legion on the current-generation Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Microsoft Windows, Ubisoft has already outlined the game’s future with a post-launch and season pass content trailer.

When Is The Online Multiplayer For Watch Dogs: Legion?

While the world eagerly awaits the release of the game itself, many are wondering when the online multiplayer mode of Watch Dogs: Legion will be available. Watch Dogs: Legion multiplayer mode will release on December 3rd during a free game update.

What Is Included In The Online Mode Of Watch Dogs: Legion?

The free update for Watch Dogs: Legion will allow players to play in a multiplayer mode with the following features:

  • Co-op missions for up to four players.
  • Cooperative four-player tactical missions.
  • Spiderbot Arena, four-to-eight player PvP deathmatch mode.
  • Cooperative free-roam open-world with up to four players.

Free content is also planned after the multiplayer update.

What Free Content Will Be Available In A Future Watch Dogs: Legion Update?

Ubisoft hasn’t given a definitive date, but a free single-player content update is planned for 2021. This update will include:

  • New Game Plus mode
  • New missions
  • New characters with new abilities.

Will Watch Dogs: Legion Season Pass Players Receive Anything?

Yes, as with most season passes for video games, the Season pass for Watch Dogs: Legion will give players additional content:

  • Access to Watch Dogs: Legion – Bloodline.
  • The character Darcy, from Assassin’s Creed.
  • Mina, a character with mind control abilities.
  • The original Watch Dogs Complete Edition
  • Extra DedSec missions.

Watch Dogs: Legion will put the player in the shoes of the player as they play as everyone and anyone during the fall of London. The game is set to release in October for the current-generation consoles and November for the next-generation consoles.

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