What Can You Do When Your Sanity Reaches Zero In Phasmophobia

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What Can You Do When Your Sanity Reaches Zero In Phasmophobia
What Can You Do When Your Sanity Reaches Zero In Phasmophobia

You’re walking around Brownstone High School trying to collect evidence, but it seems every five seconds you need to run and hide in a classroom when your flashlights start flashing. There could be a couple of reasons why a ghost is hunting so often:

If you already know the ghost type, and it’s not one to hunt under your current conditions, then you could be dealing with low sanity. Check with the person in the truck to see what your sanity level is at. If your sanity is at 0%, there are a couple of things you can try.

What Can You Do When Your Sanity Reaches Zero?

If you’ve angered the ghost through a Ouija board or witnessed too much ghost activity, then your sanity is going to tank rapidly.

  • Your sanity doesn’t raise naturally.
  • On bigger maps, it’s smart to cycle players in the truck.
  • The only way to raise sanity in Phasmophobia is with sanity pills.

Sanity pills raise the player’s sanity by 40% in Phasmophobia. You use the sanity pills by picking it up and using the item with the right mouse button as you would other items in the game. However, you have to keep in mind that only four total sanity pills are in the truck. It isn’t four bottles per player. That means, on larger levels, the team should ration one bottle per player, so coordination is important.

Coordination is important because there’s no indication from the inside that a player has reached 0% sanity, so keeping up with sanity levels is important.

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