What Are The Zombies In Back 4 Blood

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What Are The Zombies In Back 4 Blood
What Are The Zombies In Back 4 Blood

The zombies in the original Left 4 Dead series were known as “The Infected,” but the survivors in the game called them zombies. The cause of the infection in the original Left 4 Dead series is unknown, but it was an influenza-like disease known as the “Green Flu” virus.

The Zombies In Back 4 Blood Have A Different Name

Back 4 Blood Game Play Screenshot

In the trailer for Back 4 Blood, the cinematic scene before showing a group of survivors taking on waves of zombies showed hints of the origin of the infection that caused the undead in the game.

Back 4 Blood Infection on a dish

In one of the following scenes, one of the infected is shown with the same parasitic worm slithering between its eyes, but what are they?

The Infected In Back 4 Blood Are Known As “Ridden”

As confirmed by the official Back 4 Blood Twitter account, the names of the zombies in Back 4 Blood are “Ridden.”

Hopefully, we’ll get to know more about the ridden in Back 4 Blood’s campaign mode.

Where Can You Register For Back 4 Blood’s Closed Alpha?

What Special Infected Will Be In Back 4 Blood?

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