What Are The Phasmophobia Ghost Types?

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What Are The Phasmophobia Ghost Types
What Are The Phasmophobia Ghost Types

Phasmophobia has different ghost types. In fact, there are over ten types of ghosts in Phasmophobia.

What Are The Different Phasmophobia Ghost Types?

Two Phasmophobia ghost are added to the game since June 11, 2021.

Does Each Ghost In Phasmophobia Have A Unique Look?

Right now, it doesn’t look like the look of the ghost has a direct connection with what it is. If that were the case, people could easily identify one if it’s spotted on camera or if a dead person communicates to the rest of the team (if they’re using voice chat outside of the game).

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How Do You Identify What Type Of Ghost It Is In Phasmophobia?

Since ghosts aren’t identifiable by their physical appearance, it’s up to the players to identify the ghost through the evidence they find while hunting. The different evidence players need to collect in order to identify the ghost are:

Will They Add Any More Ghost Types To Phasmophobia?

Kinetic Games has already confirmed the game will have more ghost types once the game is out of early access. Hopefully, the new ghost types will have more evidence that needs to be found. The current ghost models are scary when they’re shown on pictures, but, again, what they look like is no indication of what type of ghost they are.

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