What Are The Among Us Keyboard Controls?

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What Are The Among Us Keyboard Controls
What Are The Among Us Keyboard Controls

Among Us might be free for mobile, but it’s not very fun to play the game on such small screens. You might have to sacrifice the cost of a burger to play Among Us, but it’s worth playing on a larger monitor. However, there’s no tutorial when jumping into the game, so you have to start playing in order to learn what you’re doing. Fortunately, you won’t have to jump in without first knowing how to control your little crewmate here.

What Are The Among Us Keyboard Controls?

The default controls for Among Us are:

  • Standard WASD keys for character movement.
  • E – Interacting with an object.
  • Q – Kill another player
  • R – Report a dead body
  • ESC – Exit your current task
  • TAB – Map view
  • ALT + Enter – Fullscreen
  • E – Sabotage (only available to an imposter)

The default to move your character around in Among Us is your standard WASD keys.

Interacting with an object in order to do tasks requires the E key.

If you’re done with a task or need to escape, hitting the ESC key on your keyboard will close the task screen.

Hitting the TAB key lets you look at (or disable) your map.

If you want to switch between windowed and fullscreen, hit ALT + Enter.

Pressing R around a dead body lets you report it.

Pressing Q when you’re near another player (if you’re the imposter) allows you to kill them.

Pressing E (only applicable to the imposter) allows you to sabotage a room.

Happy murdering!

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