What Are Jam Packets In Omori?

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What Are Jam Packets In Omori

Teaser trailer for new top-down horror RPG “Sea Of Trees.”

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We’ll talk about Jam Packets in Omori and where you can find some for free.

Omori Game Wiki Large Face I Have Hidden My Most Precious Belongings

So you’re in the Orange Oasis, and you’ve come across the Large Face construction worker (at least, someone we assume is a construction worker), who leaves his face wherever he goes so he remembers where he left his belongings.

If you recall, there’s a couple in the Otherworld near the waterfall where you found Duckie Jr. They talk about seeing a face in the wall on their hike there.

Omori Game Wiki Large Face I smash My Face To Remember

He gives you a small hint on what to do when you encounter his face.

Omori Game Wiki This Looks Like A Job For Aubrey

If you don’t get it, then clicking on his face tells you to switch to Aubrey so she can smash through it. Poor guy, all he wanted to do was hide his stuff, and now we’re going to rob him.

Omori Game Wiki You Got Jam Packets

When you smash through the face with Aubrey, you’ll see a single watermelon inside a small cave. Break it, and you’ll find Jam Packets, but what are they?

What Are Jam Packets In Omori?

Omori Game Wiki Life Jam Guy Life Jam Really Works

If you recall from your time in the Otherworld Junkyard, you ran into an aggressive salesman who demonstrated the use of Life Jam. When the other characters become “toast” (dead) in Omori, you can bring them back to life with Life Jam. However, it can take a couple of turns to get everyone back up.

Jam Packets are great for getting everyone back up if you have an emergency toast situation. Say Omori is the last one alive, and Kel, Aubrey, and Hero are toast. Using Jam Packets will bring them all back from the toast world.

However, we suggest saving this for when you absolutely need it in a pinch during harder boss fights.

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Sea Of Trees Teaser Trailer 2020

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