Were All The 3D Mario Switch Remasters Delayed?

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3D Mario Switch Remaster
3D Mario Switch Remaster

What? There was going to be a 3D Mario Switch Remaster? Yes, you heard that right, Nintendo is going back through thirty-five years of Super Mario to bring back some of the much-beloved titles back through remasters.

Many believed the reports that this back catalog of Super Mario games would be on our Nintendo Switch systems by the end of 2020. There hasn’t been much detail coming from Nintendo themselves. Initially, rumors surfaced that most of the Mario games would be remastered, but that would be a feat in itself. It’s more likely we’re going to see the games that were already in 3D given a proper 3D remaster like Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario Galaxy.

It would be nice to see some of the classic Mario titles included in the remaster, but there’s only so much any company can do with their older games without completely remaking them like the original Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Land, or Super Mario World. Many believed the 35th Anniversary Collection of the Super Mario series was going to hit around July or, at the very least, during an August Nintendo Event that ended up just being a mini-event mentioning games we already knew were coming to the Nintendo Switch.

Super Mario 3D World Gameplay Trailer – Wii U

With Mario’s 35th anniversary around the corner, it doesn’t look like the remasters will make it in time. Many believe all these game delays are due to the worldwide pandemic that’s kept 2020 in somewhat of a standstill. With no official word from Nintendo, everything is up to speculation and rumors right now. It’s because of the coronavirus that Nintendo hasn’t held any Nintendo Directs in a year. A lot of the major gaming conventions this year never happened, too, such as E3.

Unfortunately, it looks like we’re not going to get anything this year at this rate. It’s not Nintendo’s fault everything went down this year the way it did. However, it’s worth mentioning again how Nintendo hasn’t made any official announcements and that any kind of compilation of remastered games is all based on rumors and leaks. Hopefully, we will get something we can look forward to purchasing during the holiday season on the Nintendo Switch other than Pikmin 3 Deluxe.

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