We Need Scarier Audio In Phasmophobia

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We Need Scarier Audio In Phasmophobia
We Need Scarier Audio In Phasmophobia

When we first started Phasmophobia, every little sound made our skin crawl. Even the sudden alarm of the EMF reader made our heart rate jump up a few notches. However, even the throat-clicking “grudge” sound of a ghost when it manifests doesn’t do much for us anymore. That’s why we need scarier audio.

The Prison Map Tried A Few New Sounds

The prison map was a step in the right direction with some new sounds. If Kinetic Game is going to add new locations, they should have sounds specific to those locations. Cell doors opening, the creaking of iron, and other sounds made the prison’s sounds extra creepy. It would be great if they continued this idea.

The Ghosts Should Mimic Our Speech

This might be tough to do with the limitations they have at Kinetic Game, but it would be fun to have ghosts mimic our speech or mock us if we’re in the right area. Imagine saying something and then having the ghost say it right back, except in a much creepier tone. Now imagine you’re the only one who could hear it. That would be terrifying.

The Ghosts Should Make New Sounds In General

We’ve played with some people who swear up and down they hear singing or humming, but we have yet to hear this, but they should also add crying or laughing if that’s the case. Remember in Left 4 Dead when we would hear the terrifying cry of The Witch while trying to figure out where it was so we wouldn’t accidentally shoot it? Now imagine if we would randomly hear the ghost crying, especially if our sanity was lower.

It’s small things like this that could make Phasmophobia much scarier than it is currently.

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