Was There A Price Increase For The Medium?

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Was There A Price Increase For The Medium
Was There A Price Increase For The Medium

In December 2020, those following The Medium awaiting its release noticed the game’s price almost doubled. In some countries, the price for The Medium went from what many considered to be the actual cost of the game to more than double the originally listed price. What is going on?

The Medium Was Listed With A Huge Discount On Accident

The Medium Video Game Cave Scene

Players around the world from Malaysia and Argentina to Russia and Brazil woke up suddenly to a price increase for The Medium. This price increase (some countries have it listed for over double what it was originally listed) is due to The Medium being priced with a larger discount.

The developers needed to make corrections due to regional pricing. Many users were angry over the fact that both the developer and publisher of The Medium completely avoided the regional pricing of the game. Some think it’s only intended for gamers in developed countries to enjoy games like The Medium.

Gamers Angry Over Price Increase Of The Medium

The Medium Video Game Scene Past Present

Not everyone is affected by the changes due to regional pricing, but not everyone is buying that regional pricing in some areas is a “discount,” as the developer explained it. The backlash over The Medium’s price increase made many give up on the title completely. The Medium is currently 10% off on Steam, but many aren’t convinced that’s enough because of the developer’s failure to recognize regional pricing. The Medium developers have since apologized for the confusion, but they are also making the price correction for the Epic Store.

Despite the backlash over the price increase of The Medium, there are still many who are eager to play the game because of its unique premise. Are you planning on playing The Medium?

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