Was Red Comet Secretly Behind The Calamity?

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Was Red Comet Secretly Behind The Calamity
Was Red Comet Secretly Behind The Calamity

Final Fantasy XIV players, known in the game as “Warriors of Light,” have toppled giant rock primals and taken down ice queens. However, one of the most recent enemies these warriors have to face isn’t a giant water snake or bearded lightning god; it’s a red chocobo.

The Red Chocobo’s Name Is Red Comet.

When Final Fantasy 14 released its 5.35 update, many were still mourning the loss of the plot of land they couldn’t purchase. After about an hour or two of raging on Twitter, Reddit, and Facebook, players stepped into the Bozjan Southern Front to take part in various activities.

One of these activities being a face-off against one of the most Herculean adversaries these warriors have ever faced: Red Comet.

This fearsome red chocobo is so fearsome; it has left players shaking in their greaves.

This fear is similar to the last moments of the Battle of Carteneau when Bahamut ravaged the land and created an entirely new game with a new director. Yes, Bahamut is that powerful. However, we’re starting to wonder if Red Comet had anything to do with it.

Was Red Comet Secretly Behind The Calamity?

Ask yourselves, what do we know about this homicidal red chocobo? If we know anything from chocobos (especially red ones) in the Final Fantasy series, they somehow can drop meteors on people. Yes, for some unholy reasons, these chickens have the ability to summon space rocks.

Because us warriors of light have such a short memory, we often forget we dealt with murderous red chocobos in the past during a frustrating quest in Yanxia. We must have repressed it badly enough to believe Red Comet was the first.

However, because red chocobos have a fetish for dropping space rocks, we have no choice but to believe they were secretly behind the calamity. The calamity was about bringing a giant moon down onto the world and wiping everything out. That’s the red chocobo calling card!

Whether Red Comet or his red-feathered friends were behind the calamity is a canon we’ll have to keep in our heads until Naoki Yoshida confirms our suspicions. For now, we’ll have to settle for finally having an adversary worthy of our abilities. We’re their Zenos.

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