Warzone Bug Causes Weapon To Disappear After Reviving A Partner

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Call of Duty Warzone software bug
Call of Duty Warzone software bug

Call of Duty: Warzone would not be the same without team play. Duets, trios, or quartets are the most played modes of battle royale.

In fact, group battle is much more fun than alone. One of the essential mechanics in this regard is to revive the comrades who are bleeding to the ground, thus saving them from a visit of the enemy or from direct death.

Therefore, there is an aspect of Warzone that Infinity Ward has to avoid and take care of. It shouldn’t be any bugs. That’s it.

Unfortunately, since the battle royale was launched, the process of reviving companions has suffered multiple failures. Perhaps, the game didn’t directly allow us to revive our comrades. Or, it is because of some bugs after doing so.

How Does the Bug Look Like?

Players have had to get used to playing with these occasional glitches. In this sense, in recent hours, a thread has started in Reddit of players complaining about a bug that leaves them without weapons after trying to revive a partner.

As you can see in the video, the player is reviving his partner when they just finish him off. The animation is cut, and when he returns, his weapon disappears, and the syringe continues to appear in the right corner as if he continued to save his partner.

Some users believe that the bug is because the revived player is eliminated, but this had happened on other occasions when the action was successful. In fact, another player has commented that the opposite happened to him. He appeared without weapons after being revived.

There is no indication that Infinity Ward is working to fix this Warzone bug. Still, seeing the community started to complain, the developer could include a “fix” in one of the upcoming updates.

Let’s trust it because it’s a pretty big glitch. It is affecting one of the most critical parts of the game and that it can throw away an entire match of Warzone.

What is Weapon Combination Frequently Used in Warzone?

Warzone continues to evolve, and with it, its players also grow. They are adapting to the best weapons at all times is an excellent way to win games. Currently, the MP5 is very popular. The MP5 submachine gun is one of the best in Warzone, but there are different and powerful combinations.

Which are the best? It is difficult to decide, but here we bring you some examples of some sets that can significantly enhance this weapon.

1 # Loadout of MP5

  • Barrel: Monolithic Integrated Silencer
  • Cylinder head: Folding FTAC
  • Attachment: Range Front Grip
  • Rear Grip: Adhesive Rubberized Grip
  • Ammunition: 45-round magazines

2 # Loadout of MP5

  • Barrel: Monolithic Integrated Silencer
  • Lense: Tactical laser
  • Attach: Front Command Grip
  • Cylinder head: Without cylinder head
  • Ammunition: 45-round magazines

3 # Loadout of MP5

  • Muffler: Compensator
  • Cylinder head: Folding FTAC
  • Attachment: Range Front Grip
  • Ammunition: 30-round 10mm automatic magazine
  • Rear Grip: Grainy grip adhesive.

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