Want To Speed Up A Diagnosis In Two Point Hospital? Ax The Other Diagnosis Rooms

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Want To Speed Up A Diagnosis In Two Point Hospital Ax The Other Diagnosis Rooms

Are you playing through Two Point Hospital: Culture shock and finding your patients dying before they’re even finished through the diagnosis process? Surprisingly, your problem might be the diagnosis rooms themselves.

What Diagnosis Rooms Are In Two Point Hospital?

Once the GP is satisfied with the patient’s diagnosis, they send them off for treatment. For now, you’ll want to keep the minimum diagnosis certainty at 90%. After a visit to the GP’s office, if that 90% isn’t met, the patient is sent off to one of the more advanced diagnosis rooms. However, different variables factor into whether a patient survives their trip through the diagnosis circuit that they could be on the verge of death before they return to the GP’s office.

Here are the other Diagnosis Rooms besides the GP’s Office in Two Point Hospital:

  • Cardiology
  • DNA Lab
  • Fluid Analysis
  • General Diagnosis
  • M.E.G.A Scan
  • Psychiatry (Also doubles as a treatment room for mental illnesses)
  • Ward
  • X-Ray

However, besides the GP’s Office and Psychiatry, you only need three of these diagnosis rooms in Two Point Hospital for most diagnoses.

Which Diagnosis Rooms Are Sufficient?

As you get later into the game, some diagnosis rooms don’t only have long animations (which runs the risk of killing your patients), but they become completely redundant. After a certain point in whichever hospital you’re playing, you can shed the dead weight and only keep the following rooms:

  • M.E.G.A Scan
  • Cardiology
  • General Diagnosis

General Diagnosis and M.E.G.A Scan rooms are usually enough to get to the diagnosis threshold you need without the patient running around trying to figure out what’s wrong with them. The X-Ray room becomes unnecessary later in the game, and cardiology can push any diagnosis to the 90% needed for treatment.

Let us know if this improves your patient flow and reduces patient death in your hospital.

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