Want To Make Phasmophobia Scarier? Add A Clown Ghost Model

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Want To Make Phasmophobia Scarier - Add A Clown Ghost Model

If you managed to make it past the article’s title: congratulations on also sitting through the “IT” movies. Clowns have scared the young and old alike for decades. They (apparently) were a source of joy and fun but are now only nightmare fuel.

Yes, clowns have always been terrifying. We’re not sure why they were ever a job profession, to begin with. Who found clowns entertaining? The last time I visited a circus, I didn’t even see any. Maybe they’ve been so vilified by horror media that demand for them has gone down to the point where they’re only regulated to haunted houses now.

Does Adding Clowns To Phasmophobia Even Make Sense?

As a ghost model, it wouldn’t make a lot of sense. What clown randomly died in Tanglewood Street? Was it a clown performing for a birthday party? Did they hire a clown for the prison who ended up getting killed by the inmates?

Maybe, if you make that type of connection, a clown wouldn’t be a terribly off-the-wall idea in Phasmophobia. The problem would be implementing a scary clown as, right now, the developer is only using Unity assets (and we’re too scared to look if there’s a zombie clown model for purchase).

If and when Phasmophobia starts using original assets, not from the Unity store, a clown should be the first thing they implement. Imagine barking up that phobia for those who are legitimately afraid of clowns.

It will make for interesting streams.

Would you want clowns in Phasmophobia?

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