Want More Consequences For Dying In Phasmophobia? Experience Loss

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Want More Consequences For Dying In Phasmophobia
Want More Consequences For Dying In Phasmophobia

If you think about it, losing items when you die in Phasmophobia isn’t the biggest loss. Even if you’re playing on professional difficulty, you’re still getting a hefty paycheck if you guess the ghost type correctly.

Are There Any Consequences For Dying In Phasmophobia?

There are only two consequences for dying in the game, and one of them isn’t a consequence unless you’re easily bored:

  • You lose your items and, depending on the difficulty, aren’t compensated for it.
  • You spend the rest of the round as a floating specter unable to do anything.

It’s not like Among Us where, if you die, you can still finish tasks. The developer of Phasmophobia, Kinetic Game, has looked into the possibility of giving ghosts something to do. There was even talk of a PvP game mode down the line, but that looks like it’s been scrapped, for now.

Should There Be More Consequences For Dying In Phasmophobia?

Phasmophobia is already a scary game on its own, but it could be more anxiety-inducing with more consequences for death. Some have suggested getting removed from the round entirely when you die, but that’s a bit extreme, especially for those who are playing with friends. The one suggestion we have is experience loss.

Why Experience Loss In Phasmophobia?

When we jumped into our first lobby in Phasmophobia, we met a level 76 player. We thought they were the coolest thing since sliced bread. Now, we’re running into players who are level six or eight-hundred, and we’re starting to think there’s no balance to experience gain in the game.

This is a wildly unpopular opinion, but there should be experience loss in Phasmophobia. It would make players less reckless in the game. That is, if they care at all about losing experience. The suggestion is merely an idea to have more consequences. It’s no secret having more consequences for death will sharpen a player’s focus and heighten their stress levels, which is already at max for some Phasmophobia players.

What suggestions do you have to make players fear death more in Phasmophobia other than losing items?

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