Visage Where is The Panda Drawing

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Visage Finding The Panda Drawing
Visage Finding The Panda Drawing

To start the Lucy Chapter 1 in Visage video game you’ll need to find the panda drawing. Here are the steps to complete to pick up the panda drawing.

Start the Visage game and skip the disturbing cutscene by hitting the escape key. Walk down the first flight of stairs.

Visage Game Guide - Start of Visage Game Play

You hear the phone ringing. It is the neighbor Rose who is worried you not leaving the house. Listen and hang up the phone.

Visage Game Guide - Answering The Call of The Neighbor Rose

Walk across the room and go to your left into the corridor. You get warning about sanity.

Visage Game Guide - A Sanity Warning While Walking Through The Corridor

Walk to the right. You walk into another corridor with a light bulb flickering. You get another warning about paranormal events.

Visage Game Guide - A Paranormal Warning While Walking Through The Corridor To The Right

Move forward until you see a small white dresser on the right. On the dresser there is a light bulb. Pickup the light bulb.

Visage Game Guide - Picking Up The Light Bulb To Repair Corridor Lamp

Go back to the corridor with the bad light bulb. Repair the light bulb with the one you just picked up. By replacing the light by you will receive the achievement: Novice electrician.

Visage Game Guide - Repairing The Corridor Lamp With New Found Light Bulb

Turn around and climb the stairs. Do not forget to flip the switch just beside the bathroom.

Visage Game Guide - Switching On The Corridor Lights Second Floor

Turn to your right and walk straight forward.

Visage Game Guide - Finding The Panda Drawing

On the door of this bedroom you’ll find the panda drawing.

Pick up the panda drawing.

Now we start looking for the basement key.

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