Visage Small Key

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Visage Small Key

We continue Visage Dolores Chapter after you found the audio cassette op the table in the basement.

You are still in the basement near the table where you found the key tagged “Tea box”. Turn around I you see a small room. A bathroom. In the bathroom is a hole in the floor. Jump through the hole.

Visage Small Bathroom In The Basement
Visage – Small Bathroom In The Basement

Now head back to the main house. Go back up the stairs and pass the bathroom on the right. Take the door on the left. Now break the mirror in this room.

You see a dead man sitting in a chair. This is George. One of the collectable items her is the infusion bag. You found the infusion bag. The next step is gross. You put the bloody knife back in George.

Visage You found a small key
Visage – You found a small Key

After putting the knife back you notice a small key in the hand of George.

You found the small key. Next is finding the cloud toy.

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