Visage sledgehammer

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Visage Hammer Front

We continue Dolores Chapter 2 in Visage after collecting the audio cassette from the table.

Now leave the attic walk to the clock. Wait till the clock has finished making sound. Now take a sanity pill because you are going through a number of dark places. Go down stairs and follow the trail of blood back to the progress room. Jump into the hole in the floor. Walk straight forward and you see a room with mirrors.

Go left of these mirrors. You will see Dolores three times in three different mirrors. Make sure you wait till she disappears in these mirrors. In the last mirror she also be standing behind you. The mirrors will crack and cause a hole in the floor. Jump into the hole and you are back in the main house.

Visage Mirror causes hole in the floor
Visage – Mirrors causing a hole in the floor.

Now walk to the garage. You be hearing the sound of the car alarm. Enter the garage and go to the car. If you like you can switch off the alarm. There is a sledgehammer that is partly in the windshield. Pull the sledgehammer out of the windshield.

Visage Hammer

The sledgehammer will fall on the garage floor. Pick up the sledgehammer.

You found the sledgehammer. We will use the sledgehammer to get the glass sphere.

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