Visage Rusty Key

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Visage Rusty Key

We continue Visage Lucy Chapter 1 in Visage after finding the matryoshka doll in the wardrobe.

Now go through the same door you came in. You enter a room with a rug on the floor and a shadow of a man. Interact with the rug and pull the rug back from the floor. Climb down through the hole on the floor.

Visage – Room with rug on the floor

Now head through the crawlspace. Now in the back of the crawlspace there is a hole in the wall. Interact with the hole in the wall. Pull the metal bar of this wall.

Visage – Room with a drawing and metal bar

Now go back the way you entered the crawlspace. Go back on the ladder up. Now go right. Now follow the hallway. Keep following the hallway. You come up a door that’s block by a chair. Remove the chair a bit. Open the door behind where the chair was. Go straight and open the closet door. Again open another closet door to go through.

Visage – Do not enter door

Now go left. Do not enter the door on the picture. Go down the stairs. You see a glimpse of a monster on you way. Now go through the door on your right. Keep on moving through the next door. The area is poorly lit. Now go upstairs.

At the end of the hallway pull the door. You standing in front three doors. Now you go through the door on you left. Make sure you also open the door in front of you. Now go through the door on your right. Walk down the stairs. Now head through the door on the left. Open the cupboard with the candle in it. On the shelf of the cupboard lies the rusty key.

You have found the rusty key. Next start looking for the corridor plank.

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