Visage Plank

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Visage Plank Corridor

We continue Lucy Chapter 1 in Visage after finding the rusty key in the cupboard with candles.

No return back the way we came to the cupboard. Now go back to the place where there are four door. In the previous article we opened 1 door ahead and we went through the left door. The rusty key unlocks the third door.

Visage Unlock door with the rusty key
Visage – Unlock this door with the rusty key.

Unlock the door and walk through. At the end is a plank. On the plank there are two eyes painted. Pick up the plank.

Visage Plank Corridor
Visage Corridor Plank

You have found the corridor plank.

We need this corridor plank to fix the corridor later on in the Visage game.

Start search for Lucy jaw and close this chapter.

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