Visage Phonograph Handle

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Visage Phonograph Handle

We continue Visage Dolores Chapter after you found the special thee.

Drop through the hole in the floor in the attic.

You enter a room with number of pictures on the wall. One of these pictures is out of line.

Interact with the pictures. Use the baby monitor to tell the code 50373.

The tilted pictures drops off the wall. You can now look through the hole where the picture was hanging. You see three pictures in a row. No remember these pictures. You need them later.

Walk back to the bathroom on the 1st floor put away the baby monitor. Now smash the mirror in the bath room. Step through the mirror and walk straight forward. You found an audio cassette. Go left.

You Found An Audio Cassette

Watch above you see three clocks on the wall. Follow the code 50373 as number on the clock.

These numbers corresponds to – Left right forward left forward.

Now drop the baby monitor. No need to carry this item. Walk straight forward and you see a phonograph player. Interact with the phonograph. Now go trough the door and follow the path. Keep moving forward. No go to you left.  Open the door and go left. Keep following the path. You see a phonograph.

You took the phonograph handle

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