Visage PC Gamepad Controller Guide

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Visage PC Gamepad Controller Guide
Visage PC Gamepad Controller Guide

While Visage is available for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, many are used to the game being on the PC because of how long it spent in its early release phase there. If you don’t have a PS4 or Xbox One, want to play Visage, but don’t like mouse and keyboard, then you’re in luck: You can play Visage with a PC gamepad controller.

What Are The Controls For Visage With A PC Gamepad?

Visage Gamepad Controls

We’re using a wired Xbox One controller that works for the PC. However, almost every PC gamepad controller has a similar setup and would work with

Left Trigger: Holding this down allows you to run away from supernatural threats.

Right Trigger: Interact with objects in Visage.

Left Bumper: Holding the left bumper uses the item you’re holding in your left hand.

Right Bumper: Holding the right bumper uses the item you’re holding in your right hand.

Left Joystick: Moving the left joystick moves your character. Pressing it down makes your character crouch.

Right Joystick: Moving the right joystick makes your character look around. Pressing it down zooms in your camera.

Menu Button: Opens Visage’s menu.

Open Inventory Button: Opens your character’s inventory.

Y Button: Switch the item you’re holding into another hand.

X Button: Holding this down examines an item.

A Button: Accept option.

B Button: Holding this down drops an item.

Visage is a terrifying game, and it was a little confusing trying to learn the PC gamepad controller when you’re getting spooked by every jump scare. However, playing with a controller allows you to sit back, relax, and suffer heart palpitations with Visage.

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