Visage Matryoshka Doll

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Visage Matryoshka Doll

We continue Lucy Chapter 1 in Visage after arriving at the treehouse of Lucy. Start climbing the ladder to the treehouse. In the treehouse on the right there are a number of hand drawn pictures. Select the picture “I want to be your friend Lucy”. Turn the picture around. There is a small key attached.

Lucy Treehouse Small Key
Visage Lucy Treehouse – Small key attached

Use the key to open the box on the floor. Open the box and you see another picture. Before you pick up this picture you need to get the matryoshka doll lying under the small table.

Visage Matryoshka Doll In Lucy Treehouse
Visage matryoshka Doll in Lucy Treehouse

After picking up the doll you can take the pick out of the box.

You have found the matryoshka doll in Lucy’s treehouse.. No start looking for the key with a cage attached to it.

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