Visage Matryoshka Doll Wardrobe

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We continue Lucy Chapter 1 in Visage after picking up the mannequin jaw from the sink.

You are upstairs now. Go downstairs. Get around to the basement. Again go downstairs. Go through the white door. No go to the right and again go to the right. Go down some small stairs. There you see the white mannequin statue. Place the part – the mannequin jaw – onto the mannequin statue.

Visage add the mannequin jaw onto the mannequin statue

Open the wardrobe. Start taking pictures in this hall. You notice another jump scare. You dragged into another wardrobe. Walk straight to a white door. You can now use any light here. Interact with the door. The door automatically opens. Head left and climb the stairs. You get a jump scare.

Now go right. Do not go to the last room in the back that opens automatically. But use the first left.  Again go forward through the next door. Head through the door on the right. You see a radio playing on the floor. Now keep following the hallway all away around. There is a door at the end of the hallway. Go through the door. Now ignore the mannequin and climb a few stairs. Again a few steps up on the stairs. Watch out you are being chased by Lucy.

You end a new hallway. On the floor there are blue plastic bags. Moving forward by opening the door. Now you are entering a room full of wardrobes. Now start opening the wardrobe. Be prepared to get a jump scare.

Visage Jump Scare In The Wardrobe

After the jump scare you see the matryoshka doll on the bottom shelf. This is the second Visage matryoshka doll. The first matryoshka doll was in Lucy’s treehouse.

Visage matryoshka doll in the wardrobe

You have found the second matryoshka doll in the wardrobe in Lucy’s Chapter. Start looking for the rusty key.

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