Visage Mannequin Jaw

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Visage Mannequin Jaw

We continue Lucy Chapter 1 in Visage after finding the key with the cage attached to it.

You are now in a room with lots of tables and cages. Now move forward till you see a white door.

Visage Room With Cages First Door

The door is locked. Open the door with the key with the cage attached to it.

Keep on walking straight forward. Lucy is chasing you now. Keep using the camera to scare Lucy away.

You will see a red door. Open the door.

Visage Room with Cages Red Door

There is no need to unlock it. After going through the red door you notice the door disappears. In this room there is cage with a bird. Interact with the bird in the cage. Lucy sits in this room in the corner. Wait this Lucy disappears. Move to the red door. The red door is unlocked. Entering in a new room you notice some photo’s on the wall and one collectible item.

Now step through the red door and a white door. In this room there is a closet. Open the closet. You get a jump scare from a ghost coming out of the closet.

Step forward and you see a bathroom with a sink. In the sink there is the mannequin jaw.

Visage – You found the mannequin jaw

You found the mannequin jaw. Now start looking for the matryoshka doll in the wardrobe.

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