Visage Lucy Treehouse

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Visage Lucy Treehouse Front

We continue Lucy Chapter 1 in Visage after getting the camera from the TV room in the basement.

After picking up the camera you see Lucy at the other end of the corridor. Keep the camera flashing and wait till Lucy disappears. Now you are ready to leave the basement the same way. Walk up stairs to the bathroom and go right and immediately left. Open the door and wait straight to the backwall. You notice a scary picture.

Visage Lucy Treehouse – Scary Wall Picture

After looking at the image go downstairs. You notice that the light changes from yellow to red. Now walk to the red light lit door. Going through this door will take you outside the house.

Visage Lucy Treehouse – Red Lit Door

Outside the house you see a sign “Quilt”. Follow the sign to go to Lucy’s Treehouse. Just keep on walk straight forward and you see Lucy’s Treehouse.

Visage Lucy Treehouse

You found Lucy’ Treehouse. Next start looking for the Matryoshka Doll in Lucy’s Treehouse.

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