Visage Lucy Jaw

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Visage Lucy Jaw

We continue Lucy Chapter 1 in Visage after finding the plank for fixing the hole in the corridor.

Start carrying the plank. Start walking back with the plank to the 4-doors location. Carry the plank through the door on the right. Walk carefully because the hole in the floor is near. Now fix the hole in the floor with the plank.

Now you can cross safely to the other side of this corridor. Keep on walking straight forward. Keep going through the corridors straightforward. You come across a section of stairs. Go down the stairs and keep left.

You enter a dark area. You need to use the camera to flash light to find the stairs you need to climb. At the end of the stairs is a door. Go through the door. You drop through a hole in the floor into a room full of garbage. Climb of the garbage towards to door.

Visage – Room full of boxes and garbage

Finally you are back in the main house again. You back in the basement. Find your way back to the bathroom. When you’re in the bath you need to take a bath. Use the hairdryer to start running the bath. Flip the light switch a couple of time so the bath starts running.

Wait till the bathtub is full of water. Keep walking around the bathroom and wait…

Start interacting with the bath and step into the water. You see lucy at the end of the bathtub. Now the game will play a number of dialogs. Just wait till these are finished.

Visage Lucy Jaw

Horror. No pick up Lucy jaw in order to complete Lucy’s chapter.

Visage end of Lucy chapter

This concludes Visage Lucy’s chapter. We will continue with Dolores Chapter.

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