Visage Isn’t On Sale For Steam’s Autumn Sale, But It’s Worth Every Penny

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Steam’s Autumn Sale is here, and there are so many different games on sale. Phasmophobia, one of the hottest indie horror games out right now, is 10% off. The Forest, a horror gamer’s version of high-definition Minecraft, is 50% off. There’s something for every horror game lover. Unfortunately, those who always wanted to get into Visage, but were turned off by the price, immediately typed “Visage” into Steam’s search bar only to be horrified by the fact that it’s not on sale at all.

Why Isn’t Visage On Sale For Steam’s Sale?

Maybe it’s because the game is new, or maybe it’s because the developer decided not to discount the game for the sale, but the unfortunate reality is: Visage is not on sale. It’s still at the full price of $34.99.

Is Visage Worth It At That Price?

If you want to be absolutely scared out of your pants, then you’ll want to pick up this survival horror title. It has a very immersive psychological aspect, and your nerves will never settle. The environment of the game is as terrifying as anxiety-inducing resource management. You can start any chapter you want in the game, but you should do Lucy’s Chapter if you want to start with the most terrifying one. No one likes little girl ghosts.

The game is so terrifying some claim they had to seek therapy after playing it. Visage is not for the faint of heart and, in our opinion, one of the greatest horror games ever made. It definitely is a love letter for those who were mourning the loss of P.T.

While Visage isn’t on sale for Steam’s Autumn Sale, it’s worth picking up at full price, if your heart can handle it.

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