Visage Garage Key

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Visage Garage Key

We continue Lucy Chapter 1 in Visage after we picked up the basement key.

Walk outside the room towards the garage door. The garage door is at the end of the hall.

First switch on the light – there is a lightswitch on the wall. Do not stand long in the dark here.

Walk down and pick up the note from the garage door. Save this note.

Visage – Found Note on the garage door

Go to the basement. The basement is at the other end of the hall and use the basement key.

After opening the door of the basement there is a small table at you left. Pick up the lighter from the table.

Visage – Found lighter on the basement table

Now open the door in front of you. You enter the kitchen. Keep left and walk through a small hallway.
On you’re left there is the laundry room. Open the door to the laundry room.

Now walk to the laundry machine and interact with the machine. The door of the laundry machine will open and
the garage key will pop up.

Visage – Found the key to the garage

Pick up the key. This key is the garage key.

Next item to look for is the camera in the basement.

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