Visage Cage Key

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We continue Visage Lucy Chapter 1 in Visage after opening the box in the treehouse and getting the matryoshka doll and the picture.

The radio starts to play with some creepy words urging Lucy to do something. The treehouse starts to get red lit. No wait a while before the treehouse collapses. After the treehouse collapse you end up back in the basement TV room (that’s where you picked up the camera). No head back to Lucy’s room upstairs. You see a glimpse of here but the door closes on you. Step back and go through the parents room. The parents room has a connecting door (closet door) to Lucy’s room. Open this door and look for a drawing.

Visage Lucy Drawing

Interact with the drawing and tear the drawing apart. You find a hole in the wall. Step through the hole in the wall and walk straight forward. You see a small table with two drawers. Open the top drawer. Now you see the key with the cage attached to it. If you can not find the key with the cage in this table start checking the other in this room. The room is filled with tables and cages. Beware that Lucy is there and give you a jump scare if you are standing too long in the dark.

Visage Key with cage attached to it

You have found the key with the cage attached to it. Start looking for the mannequin jaw.

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