Visage Bloody Knife

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Visage Bloody Knife

We continue Visage Dolores Chapter 2 in after the mechanical crank.

We just found the mechanical crank. In the room you are there are three interaction points. Apply the crank on the interaction points. After applying the mechanical crank you hear a rattling noise. Now a hole in the floor opens. Walk down the stairs.

Visage Hole In The Floor
Visage – The floor opens

Drop down the first hole you. You enter an area with wooden beams. Keep on walk till you see a door. Go through the door and on your left go through another door. You are in the basement now. Walk up to the first mirror you see and smash the mirror.

Visage Mirror In The Basement
Visage – Smash the mirror in the basement

Enter through the mirror and walk straight forward. You see a closet with a mirror. Smash the mirror. Walk through the crack in the wall and exit through the other crack in the wall. Open the door on the left. Now climb the stairs and follow the path. You enter a room with a lot of candles. Now use the crank to lift the crucifix. No pull the knife out.

Visage You Found A Bloody Knife
Visage – You found the bloody knife

You found the bloody knife. It is time to search for the key tagged “Tea Box”.

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