Visage Basement Key

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Visage Basement Key
Where is the Basement Key

To start the Lucy Chapter 1 in Visage you’ll need to find the panda drawing first. The steps to get the drawing are explained in the previous post Visage Finding The Panda Drawing. Picking up where we left off. Now enter the bedroom and start exploring the room.

After exploring the closet room start to open slowly. Now open the doors of the closet room. You notice a drawing on the wall.

Closet Drawing Hinting To Knock On The Wall

The drawing hints you to knock on the wall. Now knock on the closet wall three times and wait. If you do not knock correctly you can not leave the bedroom.

Now exit the bedroom and go downstairs. You notice that the TV room door is open now.

TV Room Door Is Now Open

Enter and walk across the TV room. Watch what is on TV. Now turn around and you see a dresser on the right. Walk to the dresser. The key lies on the dresser.

Key Found In The TV Room

Pick up the key. This key is the basement key.

Basement Key Found In The TV Room

You found a key tagged ‘Basement’.

Now start searching for the garage key.

Overview Visage Location Keys in Lucy Chapter

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