Visage Baby Monitor

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Visage Baby Monitor Front

We continue Visage Dolores Chapter 2 in after breaking the glass sphere and pulling out the note in the garage.

The note you pulled out of the glass sphere is needed to solve the puzzle with the three clocks. No walk out of the garage into the corridor. Walk to the mirror in the corridor. Step into the mirror.

On your left you see three plates hanging on the wall. Turn the first plate three times around. Turn the last plate once around. Do not touch the second plate.

Visage Plates On Wall

On your left there are three windows. Open the first window and the last window. Next you see three candle holders and two candles. Put the last candle into the middle candle holder.

Walk forward and you see three clocks. You need to set these three clocks according the note from the glass sphere. Turn the big hands and the little hands accordingly the note. You hear a click when all clocks are set right.

Visage Note with strange scribbles

Start walking around and keep to you rights. You need to walk three times around before you hear a baby cry. You see a room lit it red. Drop the hammer and enter the room. Pickup the baby monitor.

Visage Baby Monitor

You found the baby monitor. Next step is to get the mechanical crank.

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